Muzen Portable Speaker

I found this cute little portable speaker and decided that I wanted to recreate it in 3D.
For this project, I wanted to focus more on working in Blender.
Everything you see is created by me, from modelling to texturing and rendering using Blender.

It began as a small modelling exercise but it evolved into being a bigger project and going for Product visualization.
I wanted to capture the references as close as possible, but I had to take some creative freedoms such as using other fonts since I couldn't find what they were using.
I also used a different kind of wood structure as well.
I later began creating the various metal versions for the series and created each material so I would have the whole collection.

The software I used was Blender, Maya (for creating UV), Illustrator, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Designer. (Composed in After effects)